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Online Weight Loss Challenge Launched by AARP

There is still time to join the Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge, launched by AARP on June 21. AARP joins the obesity fight, rampant in the US, by challenging people to make healthy lifestyle changes. Improved health that comes with joining the challenge also comes with prizes. The online Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge is being led by fitness expert and author Carole Carson, a Nevada City, California, resident who lost more than 60 pounds at age 60.

Carson says, “I’m living proof that you’re never too old to get fit. Unlike diets and other weight loss programs, Fat-to-Fit is intended to help people make permanent, positive lifestyle changes—not just drop 10 pounds and then return to their old bad habits. Our hope is to help people break the diet-relapse cycle for good.”

The Fat-to-Fit online community already has 4200 members from their weight loss challenge last year. Participants gain the support needed to reach weight loss goals through online interaction with Carole Carson’s columns and blogs, videos, recipes and through the support of other participants in the challenge.

Motivation is all you need to join the Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge. Participants trying to lose weight will log in and enter activity and weight to track changes. As part of the online community you will be encouraged to post recipes, interact and encourage others and try to lose pounds. The website will display the total number of pounds the Fat-to-Fit community has lost – so far that’s 839 pounds with 59 days remaining.

Weekly prizes will be awarded for losing weight. At the end of the online Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge Carole Carson will choose five winners who show ability to overcome challenges, act as community role models and demonstrate the principles of the Fat-to-Fit program. The top prize is better health from weight loss.

The online weight loss challenge launched by AARP can help fight obesity that fuels cancer, leads to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, disabilities from joint problems and decreased quality of life.

The material gains from joining the Fat-to-Fit Weight Loss Challenge include a one year membership to Gold’s gym with six months of personal training, a trip to Orlando for two, September 30 to October 2, 2010, to attend AARP’s Orlando (at) 50+ National Event and Expo alongside Carole Carson. Consider joining the Fat-to-Fit Summer Weight Loss Challenge. There is nothing to lose but weight. The online weight loss challenge, complete with recipes, videos and support is free.

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